Administrative Divisions

Irbid Governorate is named after its capital and largest city. It is divided into nine departments called alweya which is the plural of liwaa. Many of these departments are within the sphere of influence (and constitute districts) of metropolitan Irbid

Department Arabic Name Population 2004 Administrative Center
1 The Capital Department (Al-Qasabeh) لواء القصبة 375,594 The city of Irbid
2 Bani Obaid Department لواء بني عبيد 93,561 Al Hisn
3 Al-Mazar Al-Shamali Department لواء المزار الشمالي 44,166 Al Mazar al Shamali
4 Ar Ramtha Department لواء الرمثا 109,142 Ar Ramtha
5 Bani Kinanah Department لواء بني كنانة 76,398 Sama al-Rousan
6 Koura Department لواء الكورة 91,050 Der Abi Saeed
7 Al-Aghwar Al Shamaliyyeh لواء الأغوار الشمالية 85,203 North Shuneh (الشونة الشمالية)
8 Taybeh Department لواء الطيبة 29,318 Taybeh
9 Wasatieh Department لواء الوسطية 24,046 Kufr Asad