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New wind power plant to cover electricity needs of 150,000 people

30 Apr 2014  11:14 PM by Mohammad Ghazal | Jordan Times
AMMAN — Construction work on Jordan’s first wind power plant, an investment worth $292 million, will start in the next few weeks, the Jordan Wind Project Company (JWPC) said Monday. The 117-megawatt wind farm located in Tafileh, 180km southwest of Amman, is expected to be commercially operational in the last quarter of 2015, JWPC Chairman Samer Judeh told The Jordan Times on Monday. The project is co-developed with InfraMed, which has a 50 per cent share, Abu Dhabi’s Masdar with 31 per cent and EP Global Energy with 19 per cent, Judeh said. JWPC awarded a contract to Vestas to install turbines for the project, he added, noting that the wind farm will not only be the first in Jordan but also the first in the Middle East. The wind farm is projected to generate about 400 giga watt hours of electricity per year, which is sufficient to provide power to 150,000 Jordanians.The 38 wind turbines required for the project will be directly transported from the Port of Aqaba to the site over the coming months, according to a statement issued by Vestas. “The first turbines will begin to produce electricity as from the first quarter of 2015, and the wind power plant will be fully operational by August 2015,” the statement said. Vestas said the project will provide jobs to “150 people during construction and 30 during its operation”. Under an agreement, JWPC will sell electricity to the government at a fixed price for the next 20 years after operations start, Judeh said, adding that it will help save millions of dollars for the country.“Generating 117 megawatts using wind energy will save about $50 million annually, as using heavy fuel and diesel for power generation, which is the current situation, means much higher costs.”Major financial institutions extended about $221 million in loans for the project, including the International Finance Corporation, the European Investment Bank, Eksport Kredit Fonden, OPEC Fund for International Development, FMO, Europe Arab Bank and Capital Bank. “This is a demonstration of financing institutions’ strong belief in Jordan’s business climate,” Judeh noted. In a ceremony late Sunday, Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour attended a ceremony marking the launch of the project. At the ceremony, Energy Minister Mohammad Hamed said the wind farm is one of several projects Jordan seeks to implement to increase renewable energy’s contribution to the Kingdom’s energy mix to 10 per cent by 2020. Jordan suffered “tremendously” over the past three years, especially after the repeated cuts in natural gas supplies from Egypt, which increased the country’s energy bill to JD4 billion in 2013, representing about 19 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product, Hamed added.Energy experts have often called for implementing wind energy projects in the Kingdom, since wind speeds in Jordan are as high as 7.5 metres per second and are up to 11.5 metres per second in hilly areas.


Danish Dania searching establishment of a center for the maintenance of hybrid cars in Irbid

 Thursday 27-03-2014


A delegation from Dania University of Science and Technology searches ways of activating the memorandum of understanding signed previously by the university with a number of institutions and civil organizations in Irbid .

The delegation, which included professors Niels Bruun and Claus Bang Olsen have discussed the possible methods for activating the memorandum with the Governor of Irbid Hassan Assaf and President of Yarmouk University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Mousa , in addition to  Chambers of Industry and Commerce.

According to Marwa Alkhudairi, International coordinator at Dania “The university asked for support from the EU to set up a specialized Hybrid center in Irbid for Auto Maintenance, since the region lacks to this kind of services in corporation with the Chamber of Commerce” noting that the value of the program which is equal to about five million euros will be used to train a number of young and unemployed people seeking work opportunities like this.

According to Alkhudairi the memo will take its first steps this summer since teachers and specialists from Dania University will be sent to teach and train a number of students from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Yarmouk on topics related to marketing.

The delegation visited the Industrial city in Irbid, to determine the extent to maintain this type of service, expressing their desire to expand the scope in the future to include The University of Science and Technology.


Engineer Hussien Bani Hani, mayor of Greater Irbid municipality has met with a delegation from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as to continue the twinning projects that have been signed between Greater Irbid Municipality and Viborg Municipality.


03-24-~1Sunday 23-03-2014

The visiting delegation was keen to evaluate the twinning agreements that have been made between the two countries and the possibilities that can keep them going to benefit both sides.

Eng. Hussien Bani Hani has given a detailed explanation on a number of mutual projects, especially the recycling project that was practiced by GIM in various forms through: school completions, raising awareness through lectures given at both private and governmental schools, and the creations of teams that can raise awareness from the municipality, all in regards of recycling and waste handling.

Eng. Bani Hani has pointed out that Irbid has been going through many problems due to the situation in Syria, and that the gigantic amount of refugees in Irbid has played a role in preventing and rescheduling a number for mutual projects.

From her side, Mrs. Trine Storm, head of section, department for the Middle East and Northern Africa has declared that the twinning agreements signed between both Danish and Jordanian Municipalities are in the level of evaluation after they have been active for the past 10 years. Mrs. Storm is pleased with the work that has been achieved at GIM until now. In addition Mrs. Storm has been asking about the Syrians refugees’ effect on the city and its citizens.


Irbid Chamber of Commerce gives special courses in Auto- mechanics



Based on the MoU signed between Irbid Chamber of Commerce and Dania Academy for Science and Technology, a meeting took place between Mr. Mohammed Alshoua, head of Irbid’s Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Claus Bang Olsen, associate professor at Dania Academy to discuss the possibilities of offering special courses regarding auto mechanics to the young and unemployed in order to develop their knowledge in this field.

The two have agreed to finance the project from the EU; the project focuses on giving courses in auto mechanics, specifically hybrid cars.

The courses will be based on both theory and practice, where the theoretical part will be taught in class rooms located at the Chamber of Commerce and the practical part will take place at Irbid’s Industrial city.

According to Mr. Claus “this is a starting point for further corporation with the Chamber of Commerce´´. He has also mentioned that the Chamber of Commerce is their best partner in the field of auto-mechanics.

Alshoua has mentioned that the Chamber of Commerce is ready to provide all that it takes to makes this project successful, and to overcome any obstacles that may face it. Alshouha has also pointed out the possibility to create a special fully equipped training center at the industrial city to support the project by its young workers.

Mr. Claus has suggested the possibility to give future courses in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce targeting all companies that are exporting and importing from the EU in order to introduce them to all the terms of trade in the EU and to increase their expertise in this area. Moreover, enable them to expand their businesses and take advantage of the available opportunities.