Since 2011, Viborg Municipality (VM) has supported Greater Irbid Municipality (GIM) on waste handling under support and funding from Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

The Danish-Arab Partnership Programme. Among others an Action Plan and a Catalogue of Ideas on Waste Handling have been made by VM specifically for GIM.

VMs work on waste handling has been focussing on the following areas:

- Waste separation

- Creating ownership and dialogue with citizens (especially school children) and other stakeholders through learning and information and good governance (sustainable and reliable public initiatives)

- Increasing public institutional cooperation on waste handling

- Improvements in the handling of hazardous waste and management of the landfill


Positively – partly due to VMs work with GIM since 2011 – an improved awareness of the problem exists today in the Irbid Area, and not least an essential willingness to do something about it is at the top level of decision makers in GIM as well as among a growing numbers of citizens.

The newly GIM Mayor Mr. Bani-Hani has publicly expressed that the waste issue will be among his primary focus area in this term: Assawsana News (In Arabic Only)

Through the cooperation with VM, GIM has increased the dialogue on waste with other central government and civil society institutions in GIM: The Governor, Business Organisations, Universities and not the least Schools through pilot projects on waste collection. The pilot projects are implemented even though public schools are not a municipal responsibility area in Jordan.

The school projects and relations established in total are thus an important proof of the ability of transcending the municipal areas of responsibility in working on waste issues with GIM and evidence  to the fact that a strong, durable partnership between VM/Denmark and GIM/Irbid Governorate has been established.

Rosary School- as an example of one of the schools taking part in the pilot projects.



As a part the project Viborg Municipality has made an Idea Catalogue for Greater Irbid Municipality. The catalogue contains a long range of primarily low cost and easy to access solutions for waste on a short and longer term.

IdeaCatalogue M2M


Easy guide in practical composting – a REVAS experience

In connection to the development of a composting facility in Jordan, this small extract illustrates the  different stages and phases in the composting process and how to compost from a practical point of view. This document is developed as an easy guide, where the main focus is to illustrate the different processes shown in the different stages in the composting process.

Easy guide composting


(In Arabic)

IdeaCatalogue M2M- Arabisk

Easy guide composting- Arabic


(In Arabic only)

Revas compost guide- Arabic

Revas guide for children- Arabic



For further information please contact:
Henrik Holmskov, International Project Manager, Viborg Municipality, 5hh@viborg.dk
Planning Manager, Greater Irbid Municipality, Qamar Shunnar, qamarnasrinshunnar@yahoo.com